Individual Protection Equipments

multifunctional rescue helmet


    The multifunctional rescue helmet is designed on the National Standard GA633-2006 for Rescue and Protection Clothing on the basis of this standard , we improved greatly with the leading edge design concept ,it is a new , full-featured comfortable helmet.Its various properties are higher than the national standard, with its convenient adjustment, good flame resistance, puncture resistance, cushioning properties, and external affixed reflective logo. Under the premise without destroying the helmet structure, the helmet, the lighting lamp, the position lamp and the positioning function have been combined all together, with its features efficiency, comfortability, convenience and innovation. Judged by a variety of aspects, the helmet is a modular design of a comprehensive new multi-functional rescue helmet.

Product Features:
◎The shell is made of heat-resistant plastic.
◎The top is equipped with a modular quick shift of the LED lighting, LED position lights, laser  position lights or LED position lights.
◎The buffering system is fire resistant and easy to disassemble.
◎Under-chin band is with two-way adjustment, easy to use.
◎The helmet can support a number of communications equipment.
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