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YSTD-2 Individual Positioning Equipment for Firefighters


Product Introduction
YSTD-2 type three-dimensional individual positioning equipment for firefighters is composed of individual positioning device, wireless receive computer and three-dimensional stereo display software. It is mainly used in the dangerous environments , such as various residential buildings, office buildings, underground malls and parking lots for firefighters to rescue people.It can simulate the spot and position the real-time situation of firefighters, at the same time , it also can simultaneously monitor the real-time situation of several firefighters.The rescurers can swiftly reach the firefighters and assist them instantly by the three-dimensional positioning device. It also allows the backfield to monitor the real-time situation of the individual firefighters and offers a better plantform for the rescues and mobilization of firefighters. It gets rid of the technological defects of the GPS and GPRS which only can position in spacious areas with a low accuracy. The equipment really achieve the accurate position and real-time monitor of the firefighters in dangerous buildings.
Main Characteristics
1 position the real-time situation of individual workers with an accurate
display of height, direction angle and distance of the buildings and instantle transmit to the console.
2 the equipment can also directly reflect the real-time situation of individual workers through the three-dimensional stereo software and buy time for the rescue and mobilisation.
3 the equipment also allows the individual workers to call for help automatically when they are in danger.
4 the equipment offers drawing functions of spot buildings and can position the specific floor and inside structrue of the buildings.
5 In terms of flat distance test , the equipment can avoid the error due to the shock and shaking.

Schematic Diagram
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