Individual orientation

YSTD-1 the fireman individual positioning device


This product produced by our company and many other universities is the latest product which is the first positioning device that has the total intellectual property throughout the country. The positioning device is presently the most advanced and reliable personal device in the country, which is under the consultation of the experts of fire brigade and the care of our leaders.
Product Introduction
1 Individual worker position equipment for firefighters is a newly promted product which combines the communication position inside buildings, real-time transmission of individual workers’ situations, firefighters RECCO that allow the backfield to receive help calls from firefighters and inter communication.
2 It can accurately position the tracks of firefighters and gets rid of the technological defects of the GPS and GPRS which only can position in spacious areas with a low accuracy.
3 Individual worker position equipment for firefighters also has the function of remind of return and mutual aids. The firefighters can rightly withdraw when they receive the command of withdraw and can rightly reach the firefighters who are in emergency when they receive the calls of help.Thus, it makes the instant self-rescue of firefighters possible and guarantee the safety of firefighters.
4 Individual worker position equipment for firefighters is equipped with the individual transmitter and command set. It can simultaneously monitor the situation of 8 firefighters and positions, and can simultaneously communicate with 8 individual transmitters.
Device Configuration
1 command set 4 transmitters
4 skull-vibrating communication headsets
4 handsets
Localizer 20 plus 4 (optional transmitters)
Schematic Diagram of Equipment

Monitoring interface

Use the rendering

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